With Obstacles Remaining, At Least Two Judicial Nominees Trickle Through to Confirmation

At least two of President Trump’s judicial nominees are a step closer to receiving confirmation. Two weeks ago, Justice Ralph Erickson’s nomination for the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals was unanimously approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee and is expected to be voted on by the entire Senate soon. Another nominee, Justice Allison Eid, also sailed through her hearing earlier last week.

Nominated by President Trump to fill Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch’s former seat on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, Colorado Supreme Court Justice Allison Eid reaffirmed her commitment to follow the Constitution during her hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

A highly touted and lauded justice, Allison Eid has widespread backing based on her impeccable qualifications and impartiality when deciding cases. Presenting Allison Eid to the committee, Colorado Senator Corey Gardner praised Justice Eid:

“As impressive as her credentials are, it’s her demeanor and approach to the law that make her ideally suited for the court.”

When questioned on what her judicial philosophy is, Eid responded, “my judicial philosophy is to follow the law.”

Justice Erickson’s bipartisan support was also clear in his own hearing. Introducing Erickson to the committee, Senators Hoven and Heitkamp praised Erickson’s “deep respect for the Constitution and the rule of law.”

Justice Erickson stated his impartial approach and dedication to the rule of law when asked if judges’ political preferences should influence their decisions on cases they hear:

“We have no constituencies, save the Constitution and the laws. That’s what being a judge in my life is all about.”

These judges’ words and records show their commitment of following and protecting the Constitution that veterans fought and sacrificed for. With over 130 court vacancies still open, and senators still playing partisan politics with President Trump’s judicial nominees, it’s now up to the Senate to quickly confirm these two respected nominees.

But although these two nominees are a step closer to confirmation, the Senate process for confirming judicial nominees has enabled senators from Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota to prevent far too many qualified nominees from moving forward. Refusing to turn their blue slips in – (the “blue slip” is an arcane Senate tradition that requires both home-state senators to hand in their blue slips before the nominee can proceed) – senators are preventing a fully-functioning judiciary and obstructing Americans’ access to the justice that veterans fought and sacrificed for.

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