Coalition Calls for Gridlock Reform

The Senate Judiciary Committee has an obscure tradition for confirming federal judicial nominations. When a senator returns a “blue slip” to the committee chair, that means they approve of and are confirming a nominee.

The Constitution does not mandate the use of blue slips, but they are considered a senatorial courtesy. The problem is when senators use this power to obstruct an appointment by refusing to submit their blue slip, preventing the nominees hearing and subsequent confirmation.

Both Republicans and Democrats have used the blue slip process to their political party’s advantage.

The U.S. judicial system is designed to protect the ideas and values of the Constitution that America’s veterans have fought hard to defend. It would be a shame to see this sacrifice manipulated for political gain. This sentiment should be agreed upon by members of both political parties.

Today, there over 100 qualified judicial nominees waiting to be confirmed. Concerned Veterans for America has joined a coalition of organizations to pressure the Senate to ensure a quick and fair confirmation process for those appointees.

The Judicial Crisis Network, Tea Party Patriots, Concerned Women for America and Susan B. Anthony List have joined to support the overall effort, called “Gridlock Reform.”

Chief Counsel and Policy Director at the Judicial Crisis Network, Carrie Severino, said, “Senators are bucking the will of the people and are blocking these highly qualified nominees, causing disruption in our judicial system. This obstructionism and abuse of Senate rules must end.”

Chairman Grassley is in a position to make sure obstructionists in the senate don’t halt the current nomination process. He should eliminate this arcane blue slip process to ensure fairness and quickness for quality judicial nominees.

Americans deserve a judicial nomination process that adheres to the Constitution and ensures justice in a timely manner. This is the justice our veterans fought for.

Join the coalition and sign the petition to abandon the blue slip confirmation process today!