Circuit Court Nominees Pledge to Follow Rule of Law and Constitution

Federal Circuit Court nominees John K Bush and Kevin Newsom reaffirmed their commitment to the rule of law and the Constitution during a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. Both nominees pledged that they were dedicated to following the facts of the case, adhering to precedent, and setting aside any personal or political opinions when deciding a case as a circuit court judge.

Sen. McConnell touted fellow Kentuckian John K. Bush’s impressive background and his wide support from more than 100 lawyers and law professors on both sides of the aisle who sent a letter urging his nomination earlier this month. Adding to Bush’s vast bipartisan support, McConnell read a statement from Christie Moore, who sits on the Board of Directors at the Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky and had the following to say about Bush’s legal qualifications:

“Mr. Bush is not simply a talented and brilliant litigator…I have never witnessed a time when John allowed his personal opinions to interfere with his representation of our clients. Accordingly, I have no hesitation in advising you that John will make decisions as a judge in the same manner and I am confident he will follow the rule of law regardless of his personal or political opinions.” 

Both senators from Alabama, Sen. Shelby and Sen. Strange, described Kevin Newsom as someone who is not only smart, but has the integrity a federal court judge requires. As the former Solicitor General for Alabama, Sens, Shelby and Strange both said Newsom has an outstanding record, including arguing several cases before the Supreme Court.

These nominees will follow and uphold the values enshrined in our Constitution that veterans have defended and sacrificed so much for. We urge the Senate to confirm these qualified nominees without delay.