CVA Urges Quick Action on Lower Court Nominees

President Trump’s recent announcement of a new round of judicial nominees for the lower federal courts reaffirmed his commitment to fill the judiciary with judges who will uphold the rule of law and adhere to constitutional principles.

The President picked three new nominees for the Circuit Court of Appeals: Stephanos Bibas, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and former Assistant United States Attorney, for the Third Circuit; Allison Eid, Associate Justice on the Colorado Supreme Court and Associate Professor at the University of Colorado School of Law, for the Tenth Circuit; and Ralph R. Erickson, serving currently as the U.S. District Court Judge, District of North Dakota for the Eighth Circuit.

These picks will all avoid legislating from the bench to advance a political agenda, and instead abide by the Constitution as it is written. With over 132 court vacancies, it is urgent that the Senate swiftly confirms these nominees.

If confirmed, these nominees will impact the lives of all Americans. Most years, the Supreme Court hears only one percent of all cases that go to federal court – most go to the lower courts. President Obama understood the importance of the lower federal courts, but he attempted to fill them with judges who prioritized a big government agenda, rather than interpreting the law as its written. This new wave of lower court nominees can help restore the judiciary’s commitment to follow the Constitution rather than legislate from the bench.

These strong judicial nominees are extremely qualified and our activists stand in support of President Trump’s mission to realign American courts around the rule of law. So far the Senate has acted leisurely on this important task, filling only one lower court nomination. CVA will mobilize our grassroots efforts as needed to help push these outstanding nominees through.

Veterans fought for the values and principles that our Constitution enshrines. Now, the Senate has before it nominees who will uphold the rule of law and respect for the Constitution. It is imperative the Senate act and swiftly confirm these nominees.