Gorsuch passes the test. It’s time to confirm him

For three days this week, the Senate Judiciary Committee put Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch through the ringer.

He left his confirmation hearings affirming what we already knew: Judge Gorsuch is a man of integrity, who interprets the law fairly, and who will defend the Constitution to the highest degree. It should resonate with every veteran that Gorsuch is the man best suited to defend the freedoms so many have fought and died for.

Throughout each hearing, Gorsuch emphasized through both his words and past rulings his objectiveness, his deep respect for the separation of powers, and his opposition to “legislating from the bench.” These are qualities that should appeal to Americans of all political affiliations, and in fact, have earned Gorsuch bipartisan Congressional support in the past and the current support of most Americans.

But for some U.S. Senators, political motivations are getting in the way of doing what’s right.

Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) publicly committed to filibustering against Judge Gorsuch. In the past, he has said that “the American people don’t like…obstructionism” and that the “most important” criteria for a Supreme Court nominee is “legal excellence.” He also previously said that he wanted a “mainstream” Supreme Court nominee.

Not only are Sen. Schumer and some of his colleagues obstructing what should be an easy vote, but Judge Gorsuch’s decade-long record has shown nothing short of legal excellence – as cited by many of the same Democratic Senators that now oppose his confirmation.

To combat this political theater, Concerned Veterans for America has engaged in an unprecedented grassroots effort to hold Senators accountable. To date, we have made over 300,000 calls to constituents in eleven states, spurring countless Americans to contact their Senators and urge them to confirm Judge Gorsuch.

There is no judge more worthy to defend our Constitution than Neil Gorsuch. To see him confirmed to the Supreme Court should be the mission of every man and woman who knows how important that job is, and have taken an oath to do so themselves.