Sen. Ernst Calls for Gorsuch’s SCOTUS Confirmation As Defender of Constitution

As veterans, we have a sacred relationship with the U.S. Constitution because we have sacrificed our lives to defend it. Just because we took off our uniforms doesn’t mean our fight to protect it is over—now we must fight for leadership that will do the same.

President Donald Trump has nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat. Gorsuch has proven that he is the staunch defender of the Constitution that our country needs.

As a veteran herself, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) knows how important it is to confirm a Supreme Court justice who will uphold the Constitution and protect the the freedoms it guarantees to Americans. In a recent telephone town hall with CVA’s Executive Director Mark Lucas, Sen. Ernst said Justice Antonin Scalia left a legacy as “a defender of liberty and freedom” and “really did transform our Supreme Court” by “following through with the original meaning of the Constitution.”

If you weren’t able to listen to our conversation with Sen. Ernst live, you can click here to do so now.

Sen. Ernst said she is excited for Gorsuch’s nomination to fill Justice Scalia’s seat because “Judge Gorsuch has demonstrated that he has an unwavering commitment to interpreting the law as written. He does not legislate from the bench.”

Sen. Ernst noted that Gorsuch received incredible educations at Columbia University, Harvard Law School, and Oxford University, but that he also comes from humble beginnings in Colorado, and worked entry-level jobs, like a furniture mover, to make a better life for himself and his family. Because of this, Sen. Ernst said, “he has demonstrated that he values Americans’ hard work and their desire to build a strong nation.”

In order to leave our nation an even better place for our children and future generations, the Senate should move forward with Judge Neil Gorsuch’s fair and timely confirmation hearing. He is qualified, experienced and has a record of not legislating from the bench.

To join CVA and Sen. Ernst in calling for Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation, please click here.