Nine Times Progressive Senators Made the Case for Quick Gorsuch Confirmation

For those of us who fought to defend the Constitution, it’s great to see a staunch defender of our rights being nominated for the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, many lawmakers are trying to hurt Judge Gorsuch’s chances, going against their own advice for purely political reasons.

When President Obama nominated a Supreme Court Justice last year, the president’s supporters in the Senate had some harsh words for their colleagues who were reluctant to give the nominee a hearing or a vote.

Now President Trump has named his choice for the open Supreme Court seat, Neil Gorsuch, a judge who has long received bipartisan praise as a “brilliant legal mind” who “brings a sense of fairness and decency to the job.”

CVA supports Gorsuch’s confirmation because he is fair and principled. No one has made the case for his swift confirmation better than these nine Senators—will they stay true to their word and support Gorsuch as well?

  1. Sen. Joe Donnelly (IN):

“United States Senators, myself included, were elected to do a job … that job includes considering and voting on nominees to the Supreme Court. Let’s do what we were elected to do.”

  1. Sen. Claire McCaskill (MO):

“Since Supreme Court nominee hearings began in 1916, every nominee’s received a hearing, or been confirmed within days. I’m appalled that Senate republicans are ignoring the Constitution and refusing to do their job.”

  1. Sen. Jon Tester (MT):

“If the average citizen refused to do the job they were hired for, they’d be fired. It is long past time for my colleagues in the Senate to hold hearings and have a vote. Our country deserves better.”

  1. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (ND):

“The same Senators who claim to want Congress to work are instead promoting partisan gridlock. But they can change that discourse — by holding a hearing and a vote on the nominee.”

  1. Sen. Debbie Stabenow (MI):

“One of the most important Constitutional duties as a United States Senator is to confirm Justices of the Supreme Court. … This is a job I take very seriously, and I urge my colleagues to do the same.”

  1. Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH):

A refusal to take up a Supreme Court nomination is “reprehensible.”

  1. Sen. Bob Casey (PA):

“The President has done his job as is proscribed under the Constitution, and it’s time for Senate Republicans to commit to doing their job by giving this nominee a fair hearing and a timely vote. … The Constitution Is Clear.”

  1. Sen. Bill Nelson (FL):

“The Senate has a Constitutional responsibility to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court and I take that responsibility very seriously.”

  1. Sen. Tammy Baldwin (WI):

“It is disrespectful to the president, disrespectful to the Constitution and disrespectful to the American people who deserve a full and functioning Supreme Court, not an empty seat on the highest court in the land.”