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Senator Al Franken (D-MN) recently announced that he will not turn in his “blue slip” for David Stras, nominee for the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. A “blue slip” is an illogical Senate tradition in which Senators from a nominee’s home state must hand in permission slips before the Senate Judiciary Committee can move forward with confirming them.

Senator Franken is playing politics with the American judicial system. With over 100 vacancies on the lower courts, America is facing a judicial crisis — but Senator Franken is more committed to blind partisanship than doing what’s right. Stras is a highly qualified nominee who deserves to be confirmed.

Email Senator Franken and ask why he’s blocking a qualified judge!

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Abandon Blue Slips!

Help us end obstruction of qualified judges by signing this petition for Congress to abandon the “blue slip” process.

President Trump has done his part to correct our judicial crisis by nominating qualified judges up and down the courts. But some members in the Senate are using an obscure Senate rule to slow the confirmation process down. They’re withholding their “blue slips,” a permission slip indicating that they’re OK to proceed with the confirmation of a judge from their home state.

The blue slip process is arcane and illogical. One senator shouldn’t be able to obstruct the confirmation of a qualified judge that would serve on court circuits spanning several states.

Blue slips are standing between Americans and the justice they deserve. Congress must abandon the blue slips and defend the courts!

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